Connect With Welding

The AWS Alberta Section is always looking for new individuals with an interest in learning new technologies relating to welding as well as collaborating with peers of the welding communities. Whether you are an engineer, a technologist, a welder, an inspector, a student or any other type of welding enthusiast, please contact our Chairman if you would like to be involved.

Please contact the Alberta Section at [email protected]

The Evolution of The AWS Alberta Section Speaker Award

Since its inception in 1997, the AWS Alberta Section (formerly known as the AWS Northern Alberta Section) has hosted numerous technical talks and seminars. It has been tradition to present each speaker with a small token of appreciation in the form of a “speaker award”. The speaker award has evolved over the years from various forms into what is now a highly sought after work of art. Our newest award consists of a wall plaque with a polished weld cross-section donated by a local testing lab (special thanks to Acuren Group Inc. and Qualimet Inc.). The caption on the award acknowledges the recipient as a “Distinguished Member of the Weld Zone.” This is also the first award to feature our new section name. Below are pictures showing the evolution of speaker awards presented by the AWS Alberta Section.