📢Submit Nominees by 3/28 for Upcoming Section Elections📢

Dear AWS Arizona Section Members,

Many new volunteers have reached out to help with next year’s section responsibilities, but we are extending the nominee submission date to March 28, 2024.

AWS Arizona Section 055 volunteers are pivotal in the American Welding Society (AWS), offering invaluable expertise, practical insights, and real-world experience to drive progress and innovation. Their involvement ensures that the AWS and related manufacturing sections remain closely connected to the industry’s challenges, facilitating knowledge exchange, skills development, and the establishment of helping others. By actively participating in AWS Arizona, industry volunteers continually contribute to advancing welding and manufacturing practices and providing a sense of community among professionals.

Similarly, AWS continues to inspire the next generation of talent with several educational and networking opportunities that provide the strength and glue to welding sectors locally and globally.

Please send your information to [email protected]. The committee is scheduled to meet in late April to review the section Scholarship Applications and assemble a list of new volunteers. Thank you, and have a great week!

Thank you to our 2023-2024 Section Officers and Committee Chairs!

Section Chair – Nicholas Martinez (Final Term)
1st Chair – Randy Fox
2nd Chair – Jerry Siko
Secretary – Joseph Krywicki
Treasurer – Paul Moreno

Education Committee Chair – Curtis Casey 
Program Committee Chair – Eric Phye
SENSE & Student Affairs Committee Chair – Buddy May
Certification Committee Chair – Buddy May 
Awards Chair – John Kunch

Upcoming Section Board Elections

The following roles are open for nominations for the 2024-2025 Section Year (beginning 6/1/2024 and running through 5/31/2025):

Executive Committee
Section Chair
1st Vice Chair
2nd Vice Chair

Committee Chairs and Additional Volunteer Leader Roles
Education Committee Chair
Publicity Committee Chair
Program Committee Chair
SENSE & Student Affairs Committee Chair
Certification Committee Chair
Awards Chair
Scholarship & Foundation Representative
Image of Welding Chair
Technical Representative
Website & Social Media