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AWS Milwaukee Section 14  -  Since 1935

    Past Events
    Annual Rod Behnke Memorial Clay Shoot
Saturday,September 24, 2016

On September 24th, 2016 the AWS Milwaukee Section met for the Annual Rod Behnke Memorial Clay Shoot at Wern Valley Sportsman’s Club.

Photo captions (L to R): Bill Lancor of Machinery & Welder Corp., Karen Gilgenbach of Airgas

    Robotic Arc Welding Market Trends
Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The biannual meeting of the NRAWC 2015 was a 3-day event that included keynote speaker Stefan Lampa, CEO for KUKA Robotics. Stefan came from Germany to be our keynote speaker on robotic arc welding market trends.

Stefan Lampa during his keynote

    A Discussion on Failure Analysis
Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dr. Stanley Weiss gave an informative presentation on what the failure analysis process is, how it is performed, and the importance of using it to prevent future failures.  Several case studies were presented, including the "Big Blue" crane collapse at Miller Park, the Falk Corporation explosion, and the Hyatt Regency walkway collapse in Kansas City. The case studies included numerous photos and videos.  Forty-four people attended and PDHs were awarded at the conclusion.

In photo (from left to right - click on it to view in full):
Mrs. Barbra Stanely Weiss; Sue Siverstein; Paul Fischer, Section Chair; Bob Bruss, Past Chair, and Nate Liszewski, Publicity; Dr. Stanley Weiss

More photos (click on them to view in full):

    Trivia Night
Thursday, January 22, 2015

On January 23rd the AWS Milwaukee Section hosted its third annual annual Trivia Night. It was a Jeopardy-like game using welding, metallurgy, logos, NDT and other related fields for questions. It was a lot of fun testing one’s knowledge and to pick up new knowledge. PDHs and medals were handed out.

In picture (click on it to view in full):
Trivia Winners from left to right: Ken Karwowski, Karen Gilgenbach, Chris Albanese, Ryan Baron, Jeremy Cudnowski
Paul Fischer, Anni VanDyke, Nathan Liszewski

    Trivia Night
Thursday, January 23, 2014

On January 23rd the AWS Milwaukee Section hosted its second annual Trivia Night. Six teams answered questions on welding related topics including safety, NDT, metallurgy, and more. The winning team received medals and a Weld Trivia Championship Belt.

In picture (click on it to view in full): (back) Milan Blagojevick, Tyler Willingham, Nicholas Black, Thomas Johnson, Dan Galligan, Jenifer Hildabrant, Tim Keller, Jim Johannsen III (front) Kenneth Thomas, Scott Whitman

Holiday Party and Past Chair's Night
Thursday, December 19, 2013

In picture (click on it to view in full): (Left to Right)Robert Bruss, Roger Edge, David Biddle, Gail Beyer II, Robert Schuster, Craig Wentzel, Ken Karwowski, John Albanese

An evening with Dr. Pradeep Rohatgi and Scholarship Night
Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dr. Pradeep K. Rohatgi presented a fascinating presentation on advanced lightweight materials being developed at UWM Composite Center including metal matrix micro and nanocomposites, metal matrix syntactic foams, self lubricating, self healing and self cleaning materials. Many of these materials have micro and nanosize ceramic particles, including hollow microballoons dispersed in the matrix of metallic alloys. Welding of these materials presents problems of movements of reinforcements and their reactions with molten alloy during fusion welding.

In picture of scholarship winners(click on it to view in full): (Left to Right) Preston Lipsey, Donnell McCarty, Wenford Brown, Dean Robaczek, Preston Harris, Terrell Henderson, Kyle Humer, Demetri Jackson, Anthony Stalewski, Benjamin Patulski, Ulysses Jones, Ben Majeske, Christine Knops

Tour of Friction Stir Link
Thursday, March 15, 2012

We had a plant tour of Friction Stir Link, Inc. and a presentation by John and Dan at The Loft and Chapel. A very enlightening presentation showing the history, current technology/ products, and where FSL is headed into the future. Products include the manufacturing all aluminum deck houses for the Navy’s newest Littoral Combat Ships, like the USS Freedom and the USS Fort Worth. Other products include innovative manufacturing of truck trailer beds and rail car floors.

In pictures (click on it to view in full): (Left to Right) John Hinrichs, Co Founder/V.P. Technology of FSL, and Dan Rawson, Design & Manufacturing Engineer at FSL for both pictures.

Welding Hands On Night
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our annual Hands on Night Meeting was held at the Oak Creek campus of Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). 75 people were in attendance, plus exhibitors, instructors and students. Highlights of the night were Friction Stir Link live presentation of friction stir welding, Lincoln Electric Virtual Welder, ESAB and Miller Electric hands on displays.

In picture (click on it to view in full): (Left to Right) Steve Henderlieter, MATC welding graduate; Rebecca Alsup-Kingery, Associate Dean at MATC; Roger Warren, AWS Milwaukee board Member; Mark Koehler, MATC Weld Instructor; and Sue Silverstein, MATC Welding Instructor (Front Right)

In picture (click on it to view in full): (Left to Right) Jerry Opichka, FSL Technician; John Hinrichs, Chairman of FSL; and Scott Gillis, FSL Technician