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American Welding Society Idaho-Montana Section

Section News:

Thanks to Eric D. Larsen of the Idaho National Laboratory for his presentation in June on Dual-ing Robots at Brew with the Crew an informal technical seminar series presented by INL's Instrumentation, Controls and Intelligent Systems Distinctive Signature, IEEE and ISA.

Thanks to the Center for Advanced Energy Studies' Oren Hester for the tour of the CAES building. CAES is a public/private partnership between INL and Idaho's three public universities - Boise State University, Idaho State University, and the University of Idaho. Research programs focus on nuclear science and engineering materials science, bioenergy, carbon management, and energy policy.

Thanks to Dr. David Petti of INL's Nuclear Science and Technology group for the presention on current reactor technology as well as provide an overview of future reactor concepts.

Eric Larsen (upper right) Presents Dual-ing Robots, on the integration of the 13 axis (two six axis robots mounted to a rotating bearing) system for welding and inspecting the Yucca Mountain Waste Package. Completed system shown in the other images.

Idaho /Montana section members joined members of the Idaho National Laboratory Retired Employees Association for a joint meeting to tour the Center for Advanced Energy Studies guided by Oren Hester of CAES

Dr. David Petti presenting on nuclear reactor technology.

Members of the Idaho/Montana section joined members of the INL Retired Employees Association to learn about the status on nuclear reactor and nuclear fuels research from Dr. Petti.

Congratulations to the 2009 Scholarship Recipients:

For detail Click Here to see the press release.

Tawnya Hermanson, a Welding Engineering student and incoming senior at Montana Tech, is the first recipient of the Paul O'Leary Memorial - Idaho/Montana Section Scholarship. Three welding students received both District and Section scholarships: Shane Krause, a Welding Engineering student and incoming senior at Montana Tech. Jeffrey Jones, a second year student in the Treasure Valley Community College. Miguel Vasquez, a first year student in the Idaho State University. Also, Christopher Hale, a first year student in the University of Montana - College of Technology was awarded a Section Scholarship.

June meetings are on the calendar. Tour of CAES and "Dualing Weld Robots"

Click here for details on our calendar page.

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