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Date/TimeEvent/TopicLocationAdditional Information
June 18, 2009/4:30p.m.June Meeting II: Combined with brew with the crew, Eric Larsen presents Dualing Robots : complexities of integrating two articulated six axis robots mounted to a rotating bearing to remotely perform welding, inspection and repair of canisters for spent nuclear fuel. Brownstone, 455 River Parkway, Idaho Falls
  • Eric D. Larsen is a mechanical engineer at the Idaho National Laboratory with 19 years of experience in design and integration of electro-mechanical and industrial robotics systems. Mr. Larsen is the chief architect of software integration for the Yucca Mountain Waste Package Closure Welding and Inspection System. He has seven U.S. Patents and is a member of the INL Inventor Hall of Fame.
  • INL Industrial Robotics
June 11, 2009/3:00p.m. Idaho Montana AWS: June Meeting. AWS and EIEC are invited to attend the INL Retired Employees Association for the following: Tour of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies Dr. Harold McFarland of INL's Nuclear Science and Technology group will present Current and Future Nuclear Reactor Concepts CAES, 995 University Dr, Idaho Falls, Idaho
May 21, 2009/4:00p.m.May Meeting: Combined with brew with the Crew, Corrie Nichol presents Haptic Welding and You Brownstone, 455 River Parkway, Idaho Falls
February 19, 2009/4:00p.m.February Meeting: Montana Tech Welding Engineering Tour and Technical Presentation by Dale Detrick Welding Related Manufacturing Activities in Montana Montana Tech, 1300 West Park St, Butte, Montana
January, 16 2009/4:00 P.M.January Meeting: Diversified Metal Products Inc and Pizza and Paul Tremblay on the AWS Show 3710 N. Yellowstone Hwy, Idaho Falls, Idaho

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